$125.00 non-refundable registration fee plus $575.00 tuition total cost is $700.00

DESCRIPTION: This course will provide you with an overview of basic cardiovascular
terminology, anatomy and physiology.  Focuses on the proper placement of electrocardiogram
(EKG) leads and maintenance of equipment to obtain an accurate 12-Lead EKG.  Learn to
recognize cardiac arrhythmias.  Outlines responsibilities of ECG\EKG technicians and provides
clinical laboratory opportunity to develop entry level skills.

COURSE PREREQUISITE(S): Must be at least 18 yrs. old and have a high school diploma or
GED, must have Phlebotomy Certification.    
PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATIONS: National Health career Association, Certified EKG Technician
(C.E.T.) State Board of Career Colleges and Schools

METHOD OF INSTRUCTION: This course utilizes a lecture and demonstration methodology.

Cost of the class is $575 which includes all material needed for the class and all lab fees  

Upon successful completion, students will be eligible to take the optional, EKG Certification
Exam for an additional
$115.00. They will gain the credentials of a Nationally Certified EKG

Refund policy
We offer 75% refund if the student withdraws in writing 6 or more business
days before class begins. We offer 50% refund if the student withdraws in
writing 1-5 business days before class begins. There will be no refund once
the class has begun. This includes cancellation of the National test. This is
based on the tuition price and not the payment plan. If you are on the
payment plan there are no refunds.
If classes are cancelled due to low enrollment by the school or unforeseen
reasons by the school, all fees will be refunded for that class.
registration fee
EKG tuition
EKG reg. fee + tuition